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Equipment lined up for the auction Starting in 2018 we no longer plan on having any live, on-site, auctions. With the popularity of online-based auctions raising every day, consignments and attendance for our on-site auctions were dropping. For this reason, we have decided to hold online timed auctions periodically instead of having live auctions on-site. These auctions work sort of like an eBay auction where they have a set start and end time and people can bid on them at any point between those 2 times. We will still be taking consignments for selling on our lot or to sell in these online auctions, so still feel free to bring your equipment in if you would like it sold. More information will be added to this page as we get everything setup.

Link To Auction Items

Click the link below to go to our item listings on AuctionTime. If nothing is listed then we have no current items scheduled for a timed auction.