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Equipment lined up for the auction We host 2 Machinery Consignment Auctions every year. These auctions typically include a wide variety of Farm & Ranch Equipment and Machinery including Tractors, Skidsteers, Balers, Combines, Planters, and MUCH more. To see if there is currently an Auction Bill available, scroll down to the Auction Bill section.

Anyone can consign an item to one of our auctions, however we ask that it falls into the category of Farm or Ranch Equipment or Machinery. Other select items can be consigned with approval. If you would like to consign an item to our next auction or you are not sure if an item would be right for our auction please e-mail or call us308 - 527 - 3761 and we will get the details worked out! For proper newspaper advertisement of your item or items, please let us know about your item(s) before the advertising deadline date listed below.

2018 Dates
  • TBA
  • TBA
2019 Dates
  • TBA
  • TBA

The next auction is:

The advertising deadline for this auction is: Monday, August 21, 2017

If you want your item or items to be advertised in the newspapers, we must know about it before the advertising deadline above.
The Auction Bill for the next auction is not currently available. It is usually up around 3 weeks before the auction.
Commision Rates
  • Up to $250.00: 10% per item
  • $251.00 to $500.00: 9% per item
  • $501.00 to $1500.00: 8% per item
  • $1501.00 & up: 7% per item
Minimum commission per item: $5.00
Maximum commission per item: $500.00
No Sale Policy
If your item does not sell and you choose to leave it on our lot to be sold in future auctions, the charges are as follows:
  • No-sale fee for 1st auction: $10 per item
  • 2nd auction: No charge
  • 3rd auction: No charge
  • 4th auction: Will sell absolute
Titled Items
The following terms apply to all items that have a title. (e.g. Vehicles, Trucks, Trailers, Campers, etc...)
  • Non-Refundable Title Fee: $25 per item
  • All Titles must to be turned into the GFS office by the Wednesday before the auction! You have a choice to sign them before you hand them in, or wait and sign them if the item sells. Either way, the title still needs to be handed in to the office by the Wednesday before the auction or the item will not be auctioned.
Commission Calculators

Enter a selling price to calculate how much commission will be taken out and how much you will receive.

"Take Home" Calculator. Enter how much you would like to "take home" after commission is taken out and it will tell you how much the item would have to sell for.

Our Auction Information List is a mailing list to which we send e-mails containing information about current and future Auctions. We will send e-mails out when we schedule new auction dates, when the salebill is posted for the next auction, when late items are consigned that weren't advertised in newspapers, and when an advertised item is not coming. You will also be notified when we add new pictures of auction items.