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Starting in 2013, we now have 2 ways to shop online! Up until July 2013, our only online shopping option was to take you to an affiliate site ( which is run by A&I Products where you can buy all sorts of aftermarket parts for many makes and models of machines. Now, you still have that option, but we have also added our OWN online store where we are selling items directly from our physical store to you!

The inventory of this online store will grow over time, and will eventually include John Deere & UFT (United Farm Tools) Grain Cart Gearbox Parts, Bearings & Seals, Diamond Chain, and many other Ag related items that are popular sellers but aren't available at very many sites online. By doing this we will be helping out the farmers and ranchers that are in the more secluded areas of the country that might not have a parts supply store nearby or don't have a supplier for a certain part nearby.

We will be slowly adding inventory to our store, so it may be some time before it is complete. But feel free to browse it to see what we have so far!

Please choose the store you would like to visit:

Shop in our own Online Store Shop in our affiliate's Online Store