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Parts & Supplies
Here at Grint Farm Supply we have or can get parts for many makes and models of equipment. If you are looking for a specific part, send us a request using our Parts Inquiry Form. You can also order many aftermarket parts online and get them shipped directly to you using our online catalog.
We Have Your Spring Planting and Farming Needs! We have complete gearboxes for UFT Grain Carts & John Deere Grain Carts. We also have all the parts for UFT 300, 400, 425, 444, 500, 750, & 754 and JD 400, 500, 1210, & 1210A Grain Cart Gearboxes

We stock many front end parts for many makes & models In the store, we stock thousands of parts for all sorts of equipment. We try to keep the most common parts that our local customers need on hand. We have hundreds of parts shelves full of inventory and we also have a large display section in the customer area for many of our "Grab & Go" items. Some examples of the new parts we have on hand in the store are:
  • UFT Grain Cart Gearbox Parts & John Deere Grain Cart Gearbox Parts - We have or can get parts for Grain Cart Gearboxes including models UFT 300, 400, 425, 444, 500, 750, & 754 & John Deere (JD) 400, 500, 910, & 1210. Click Here to Order Grain Cart Gearbox Parts Online!
  • Front End Parts - Including Spindles, Hubs, Center tubes, & Wheel Bearing Kits.
  • Hydraulic Hoses - We can make custom Double-Braid Hydraulic Hoses right in the store! We have 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", & 3/4" Hose and Fittings. We also have lower pressure Single-Braid hoses ready made in many different lengths.
  • Drive Parts, Belts, & Chain - Including Pulleys & Sprockets with different sized weld-on hubs, Gates
    V-Belts (A, B, & C width), Diamond
    USA Roller Chain, Connector Links, & Offset Links.
  • Drive Shaft Parts - U-Joints, Yokes, Shafting, and Adapters for Creating or Fixing PTO Shafts.
  • Bearings / Seals - Bearings, Races, Seals, Bearing Flanges, & Pillow Blocks.
  • Tillage Parts - Including Shovels, Chisel Points, Disc Blades, Disc Bearings, & Plow Bolts.
  • Planter Parts - Including Sensors, Packing Wheels, Gauge Wheels, Bearings, & Talc + Graphite.
  • Combine & Head / Harvest Parts - Including Belts, Gathering Chains, & Cornhead Grease.
  • Rake / Baler Parts - Including Rake Teeth, Sickle Sections, Section Bolts, & Baler Pickup Teeth.
  • Batteries - We stock many sizes of Interstate Batteries for many applications. There is a core charge, so bring your old one!
  • Rims - We have a small selection of new rims for multiple applications.
Parts are not the only thing we have in the store, we also have a large selection of supplies for the Farm or Ranch. Some of these supplies include:
  • Bolts / Nuts / Washers - We have a large selection of Grade 5 & Grade 8 bolts. We also have a selection of hard Metric Bolts from 4mm to 24mm. We also have Nuts & Washers (Regular & Lock) for all sizes.
  • Oil - We have Hydraulic Oil, Engine Oil, Gear Oil, & Jack Oil. We have them in containers ranging from 5 Gal. to 1 QT.
  • Chemicals - We have a large selection of chemicals including Antifreeze (Regular & RV), Diesel Treatment, Blaster, WD-40, Brake Cleaner, Carb Cleaner, Grease, & more.
  • Tools - Including Wrenches (Standard & Metric), Sockets (Standard & Metric) + Accessories, Hammers, Pry Bars, and many more.
  • Battery / Electrical Accessories - Including many Battery Cables, Cable Ends, Chargers, Adapters, & Terminals.
  • Fencing Supplies - Including Barb Wire, Electric Fence Wire (Metal & Poly), Fence Chargers, Line Posts, Corner Posts, T-Posts, Elec. Fence Posts, Staples, & Black Smooth Wire;
  • Pipe Fittings - Including Black Pipe Couplers, Nipples, Elbows, Tees, Reducers, & Long Sections (24", 36", 48"). Also - Ball valves, Sillcock Valves, Unions, and adapters to other threads.
  • Trailer / Towing - Including Trailer Plugs, Plug Adapters, Wire, Trailer Lights, Hitch Pins, & Chain.
  • Small Parts - Such as Cotter Pins, Roll Pins, Spiral Pins, Snap Rings, E-Clips, & Grease Fittings.
  • Drilling Accessories - Including Drill Bits, Spade Bits, Masonry Bits, Screw-Driving Tips, Hex Drivers, Auger Bits, Hole Saws, Chuck Keys, Easy Outs, LH Drill Bits, & Cutting Oil.
  • Saws & Accessories - Including Hacksaws, Bow Saws, Hand Saws, Hack Saw Blades, Bow Saw Blade, 7 ¼" Circular Saw Blades, & Chop Saw Blades.
  • Lawn, Garden, & Ranch Tools - Including Shovels, Pitch Forks, Hay Forks, Scoops, Hoes, Post Hole Diggers, Axes, Hatchets, and Replacement Handles for many of these tools.
Our Large Salvage Yard We have over 13 acres of Salvage equipment, including Tractors, Combines, Balers, Swathers, and Cornheads to name a few. We also have a large room of salvage parts in the building that have already been taken off of machines. We will soon have a partial listing here of machines that we have in our salvage yard so check back!

We are currently partnering with A&I Products to bring you a great on-line parts ordering service. A&I Products is one of the world's leading aftermarket Agricultural & Industrial parts manufacturers and suppliers. They manufacture many of the parts themselves at their headquarters in Rock Valley, IA. They offer over 75,000 parts for many different makes and models of equipment at a fraction of the cost of the OEM equivalant part, but at the same or better quality.

They sell parts through thousands of dealers across the world, and we are proud to be one of those dealers. We can now offer you new replacement parts for your equipment at a great price and you can order it directly on our website! You pay with a credit card through a secure, encrypted on-line connection and the part will ship directly to you. And with warehouses all over the country, you will receive your part as fast as possible.

We also have many of these parts stocked in the store already, so if you live in a location that is close to our store, contact us first. We may have the part you need in stock. Also, even if you don't need a part right now, we encourage you to visit our Online Catalog and just take a look at the wide variety of parts they offer. That will give you a good reference in case you ever do need a part, you will know where to come.
Click here to view our on-line parts catalog

Editor's Personal Note

At the end of 2009, I got to personally speak with many of the A&I representatives and also hear from many of the companies manufacturing the parts for A&I at an Expo they hosted in Sioux Falls, SD. After hearing what everyone had to say and personally viewing the manufacturing facility and Warehouse, I have no problem telling you that A&I Products is the real deal. They are not a company just trying to make a quick buck by importing cheaply made parts and materials from overseas. Quality is the top priority for them. Yes, many of their parts are made overseas in many different countries, but after hearing representatives from each of these companies, I assure you that they do create quality parts. Not everything made in China is of poor quality. There was a genuine and unanimous interest in quality and all dealers were repeatedly asked if there was anything they could do to increase the quality of the parts that they manufacture. I'm not saying that there will never be a problem with their parts. Even they make mistakes. However, whenever there has been a problem with one of their parts not fitting or failing, they have always been willing to listen to us and provide a replacement if available. They even have technical representatives waiting to answer any technical questions you might have. If you ever have a problem with a part you ordered from us on-line, don't hesitate to call or e-mail us and we will try to get the problem resolved for you.
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